Beachvolleyball in Cesenatico

Max Meier
  • European BeachvolleyballCenter for young players in Cesenatico Italy

  • Conducted by Max Meier Volleyball Management In coorperation with A.S.Kiklos Italy

  • Camps 2007:


  • Cesenatico is located at the Italian Adriatic coast about 20km north of Rimini

  • Cesenatico has a sport tradition for football, track and field and beachvolleyball

  • Cesenatico has a well organised sport and tourist structure

  • Cesenatico has nearby international airports (Rimini, Forli, Bologna)

  • Cesenatico can be reached by train (via Rimini)

  • Cesenatico can be reached by car (freeway exit Cesena)

  • Cesenatico offers a lot of good quality hotels and youth hostels starting at Euro 30 per day incl. fullpension

  • Cesenatico is situated close to the tourist attractions as Mirabillandia / Aquapark Atlantico and the cities San Marino / Rimini / Venezia

International Beachvolleyball Guests in Cesenatico

  • Kobel – Heuscher SUI

  • Laciga – Laciga SUI

  • Dieckmann – Reckermann GER

  • Schneider – Brink GER

  • Galli – Fenili ITA

  • Kuhn – Schwer SUI

  • Gscheidle – Schnyder SUI

  • AUT U21 / U19 boys and girls

  • SUI U21 / U19 boys

  • EST U21 / U19 boys and girls

  • LUX U21 / U19 boys and girls

  • LIE men

  • + more than 1000 other players from 11 countries in Europe


Explications to situation at Piazza A.Costa

  • 12 courts 

  • Courts 1- 4 22mx14m

  • Courts 5-8 22mx14m

  • Courts 9-12 26mx14m

  • 4 lights to illuminate courts 10 and 11

  • Courts 9-12 can easily be modified to one center court with spectator stands

October 2006 the city of Cesenatico will start to build showers / toilets / office and storage room
(budget is approved and final plans to be approved before end of december 2005). The courts are located in the center of the city and close to many hotels. The hotels cooperating with Max Meier Volleyball Management are:

  • Hotel Miramare 4**** (excellent quality, rooms 1, 2, 3 beds) fullpension Euro 55 + p day

  • Hotel New Bristol Sport 3*** (all new rooms, 1, 2, 3 and 4 beds) fullpension Euro 42+ p day

  • Hotel Domus 2** (rooms 2, 3, 4 beds) / meals Hotel New Bristol fullpension Euro 34+ p day

  • Colonia Youth Hostel (rooms 2, 4, 6 beds) selfservice fullpension Euro 30+ p day

In these prices is the use of courts included / balls can be given to the teams (deposit required). 6 more courts are available about 15 minutes north of Piazza A.Costa and very close to Colonia Youth Hostel. 6 more courts are available about 10 minutes south of Piazza A.Costa and very close to several good class hotels.

Vision 2006-2015

Main Vision: Cesenatico to become the European Beachvolleyball Center for young players 

Goals to be achieved:

  • To organise youth camps / junior camps for national federations starting 2006

  • To organise trainings possiblilities for junior national teams starting 2006

  • To organise every year several tournaments for young players starting 2006

  • To organise every year one coaches course starting 2007

  • To organise every year one special event for beachvolleyball starting 2008

    • European Championship U18 or U 20

    • World Championship U19 or U21

To organise every year an international beachvolleyball youth camp starting 2007

Coordinator of the Center

Max Meier

FIVB Instructor III since 1986
Lecturer ETH Zόrich 
Organiser of youth and adult beachvolleyball camps in Italy since 1993
Owner Max Meier Volleyball Management (coaching, teaching, internet-shop)
Languages: German, English, French, Italian, (Spanish)
  • Role in the European Beach Volleyball Center in Cesenatico
  • assures cooperation between the different partners
  • responsable for coordination of court use / camp reservations
  • responsable for hotel reservations of international guests

Max Meier, Volleyball Management, Sonnmattstrasse 30, CH-6043 Adligenswil, Switzerland
Tel. +41 41 3704245 Fax +41 41 37075 45