Volleyball-Point-Manager 1.0

This is a short description how to use the Volleyball-Point-Manager.
V-P-M is written in NS-Basic for palm and is compiled as a fat application. Thus, if you have already some NS-Basic-Programs running and if the runtime is already installed, send me an email and I will send you a thin application.

I wrote V-P-M, because I want to know how many services my team blast away and how many points we gave our rival. ok, the first step was to write it down on a piece of paper. But why should I do this when I have a palm??? Thus, this was the start of V-P-M...
I tested the program with Clie NR70 and Palm Vx. On the Clie it runs well. On the Vx a little bit slowly. I think on newer machines with Palm OS 5 it will run pretty well :-))
If you have questions, suggestions or if you want to report an error, feel free to send a mail to torsten@nopper.net.

Defining a new Team and assign players

If you start the Volleyball-Point-Manager you see this:

First, you have to define your teams and the players for each team. To do this you have to choose "My Teams".

In this form you can define your teams. On the right hand side are buttons to

Now we want to create a new team. Hit the first button on the right side...

In the lower area you can input a Team-Key and a Team-Name. You can edit the Team-Name in the future. The Team-Key is not editable. In our example we enter "DR" as the Team-Key and "Dream Team" as Team-Name.
Now we want to assign some players to "Dream Team". Therefore, you have to select "Dream Team" in the list and then hit the "PL" Button. A new form will be started...


In this form you find the same buttons as you find in the team form. And it's the same procedure as in the team-form.
If you want to create a new player, click the first button on the right hand side. I used the ID-Field for the number of the shirt the player wears. But you can choose another unique ID.

After setting up your team go back to the start screen...

Setting up a new game

Now you are ready to record a volleyball game. Therefore, you have to choose the button "New Game" on the start screen.
A new form will be started in which you can enter informations about the game you want ro record:

First you enter the date, then you choose a team from the team-popup. After that you have to enter the name of the opponent. Maybe you know if you have the first service or not. Then you can check it right now (the service can be toggeled manually during game recording). At the end, you have to define your start formation. Choose the position and a listbox will popup in which you can choose the player for this position. The system will check that no player is assigned to more than one position.

If you want, you can write a short description about the game in the memofield.
If all values are entered, hit the start button. A new game will be initialized.

Recording a game

First of all we have a closer look at the different objects we found on the screen. You can be in "RecordMode" or "SubstitionMode". You can also see, that we are in the first set and the score is 0:0. Thus, you see the team that has the service. Under the line you find all the players in the actual formation and right beside on which position each player actual plays.
Furthermore you see on the left hand side one half of a volleyballcourt (that`s the side your team is playing). The court is splitted in different fragments. If you hit such a fragment it will be selected. The same thing happens if you choose a player. Above all, at the right hand side you can record the actions.
ok. let`s make a test.

In our example the team "The winners" has the service. The service is ok and we make a good reception (player 16). Then we have a perfect pass from the setter (player 13) and our attacker (player 12) smashes the ball into the opponents field and we get a point:

First we hit the fragment where the reception was made. Then you hit the player who did the reception and at the end you have to rate the action (bad = red, neutral = blue or good = green).
Keep this in mind: A hit on an action stores the action in the database. After recording the action, the player and the fragment are unselected automatically.
Now we hit the fragment where the setter passes the ball, choose the player who did the pass and hit the action for a good pass (green).

Now it's time to smash the ball into the opponents side :-)
Choose the fragment where the attack started, choose the player who attacked and hit the action for a good attack (= green)

Now have a look on the screen. The service toggeled, our team scored and each player rotated one position. We stored into the database, in which rotation (R1 -R6), which player did which action and if the action was bad, neutral or good.

The only action which you can store with one hit, is the service. V-P-M knows which player has the service. Thus, if you hit the service action, V-P-M stores the service and automatically the player on position 1 into the database.
A short word to the gray underlined actions named Opp. These are actions the opponents made. If they blast a service in the wind, then choose the bad-opp-action. Furthermore your team scored.

V-P-M detects the end of a set or of a game automatically. If you hotsync your device, the databases are copied to your pc. Then you can convert the palmdatabase into an excel-sheet. I use PDB Converter. In excel you have all possibilities to analyse your games...